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Get in on the Field Trip market - RTO 9 Workshop

Navigating the Field Trip Market

Learn about working with school boards and how your tourism business can become a field trip destination!

Date and time: Tue, Aug 29, 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.


"Ontario teachers and school boards are constantly looking for ways to amplify their curriculum yearly by incorporating field trips, but what exactly do they look for? How can you make them aware of you?"

Join guest speaker Phil Casey in this workshop and learn how to collaborate with the educational sector to bring in more visitors to your business. 

Phil Casey has over 20 years of working with Ontario school boards and educators  and has been an education market adviser for attractions over the years. He will share his knowledge and best practices on working with school boards and those working in education in this hour-short (yet value-heavy!) webinar.