Volunteer Management Workshop

Volunteer Workshop Friday, March 24th


Volunteer Management Workshop, Fri. March 24, 2023

Where have all the Volunteers Gone?
Recruit, track, engage and retain valuable volunteers:

Participants attending this workshop (both in-person and online that day) will receive a 44 page workbook and certificate for the successful completion. Lunch included.

Where: North Grenville Municipal Centre 285 County Road 44 Kemptville, ON

Who should attend:

  • Anyone who works with volunteers, volunteers themselves, and community leaders

Laying the Foundation

1. Valuing the Role of Volunteers

2. Defining Rules and Expectations

3. Developing Volunteer Management Skills

Developing the Jobs and Getting the Right People

1. Reducing Client and Group Risk

2. Creating Clear Assignments

3. Reaching Beyond the Circle

Creating an Environment Where Volunteers Feel They Belong, Are Needed, and Want to Stay

1. Orienting and Training Volunteers

2. Providing Supervision

3. Making Volunteers Feel They Belong

4. Recognizing Volunteer Contributions

By the end of the workshop participants will have the skills to:

  • Develop Policies and Procedures
  • Create a Volunteer Recruitment Strategy
  • Construct an Orientation and Training Plan
  • Supervise Volunteers and Provide Effective Feedback
  • Strengthen Communications and Build Relationships

Presented by:

RTO9, CSE, & the Municipality of North Grenville Tourism Dept


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