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Public Works Department

The Public Works department is responsible to provide some of the basic services that affect the daily lives of those who live and work in North Grenville. The department is responsible for many of the things we take for granted on a daily basis: clean water, functioning sewers, safe roads, garbage and recycling collection effective drainage and all the infrastructure associated with each service.

The Director of Public Works is Karen Dunlop, who has 20 years of municipal experience with North Grenville and the former Town of Kemptville. She oversees 30 employees and an annual budget of approximately $4 million.

Garbage & Recycling (Waste Management)

The Waste Management Division is responsible for the effective and efficient management of garbage, recycling and hazardous waste within North Grenville. As part of this effort, the division operates a transfer station near Oxford Mills, has contracts with private companies for curbside garbage and recycling collection and works with a variety of public and private partners to recycle, compost or reuse as much material as possible.


The Roads Division oversees approximately 272 kilometres of maintained public roads – 95 km of paved road and 177 km of gravel road. Summer maintenance activities include grading, dust control, grass cutting, tree trimming, road sign installation/maintenance, construction projects, drainage, street sweeping, and more. Winter activities include snow plowing, sanding/salting, snow removal in urban areas, sidewalk plowing and more.

These activities are carried out by employees from vehicle depots in Kemptville and Oxford Mills. The fleet consists of five large trucks, three graders, a backhoe, a loader, three 4x4 snowplows, two sidewalk machines and one pick-up truck for patrolling and maintenance work. Roadside grass cutting is done with a leased tractor and municipally-owned mower.

Water & Wastewater

The Water & Wastewater division is responsible for the provision of clean and safe drinking water and the treatment of wastewater for those living and working within Kemptville and designated subdivisions. According to Provincial legislation, the costs for the provision of water and wastewater must be paid for by the users of the services so any house or business connected to the system will receive a bill every two months.