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Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act requires the Council of the Municipality of North Grenville to establish a municipal accessibility advisory committee.

The North Grenville Accessibility Advisory Committee shall assist the Municipality in an advisory capacity to:
a) carry out the duties as outlined in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act;
b) consult with community members, stakeholder groups and other persons on matters relating to accessibility;
c) in conjunction with staff, participate in building and facility audits and reports;
d) in conjunction with staff, participate in the preparation of the Municipal accessibility plan and its presentation to Council;
e) in conjunction with staff, participate in the preparation of annual or other accessibility standard reports;
f) in conjunction with Planning & Development staff, review site plans as required.

The Committee shall have regard to the shared priorities of the Council Workplan and forthcoming Community Strategic Plan.

Minimum of Four (4) Volunteer Members and a member of Council. The Chairperson shall be a volunteer member selected by the Committee members. The majority of members shall be persons with a disability.

In considering the appointment of members to the Committee, Council shall consider the following:
a) influential decision makers (current and retired) from various business/industry sectors;
b) individual members willing to take on specific responsibilities for specific areas of the program;
c) the individual’s qualifications and commitment as they relate to the Council adopted programs/policies; and
d) availability of members to participate in the programs/policies and attend Committee meetings.

Advisory Experts
The Committee will invite additional content experts to attend regular meetings and to present at specific meetings in order to meet its mandate.

The Committee shall meet at least quarterly. Additional meetings shall be held at the call of the Chair. Agenda packages will be sent out the week prior to the meetings and published on the Municipality’s website. Draft minutes will be distributed by email to each Committee member by the Clerk’s Office within one week following the meeting.

Department Jurisdiction
Corporate Services - The Director is responsible to ensure that all associated legislative responsibilities to the Committee are fulfilled.

Staff Contact
Director of Corporate Services

Administrative Support
The Clerk’s Office shall provide minute taking and agenda preparation and distribution in conjunction with the Chairperson.

The Director of Corporate Services shall bring forward budget requests of the Committee as part of the Municipal budget process.