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Community & Economic Development Advisory Committee



The purpose of the Community & Economic Development Advisory Committee is to:
a) act as an advisor to Council on community and economic development questions, challenges and/or issues that may arise,
b) provide expertise and knowledge on North Grenville community and economic development issues to Council, such as questions, challenges and/or opportunities; and
c) improve the economic and social well-being of the residents of North Grenville by fostering an environment suitable for creating and retaining jobs and by supporting community cohesion and engagement.

The Committee shall:
a) be focused on actions that guide and promote the community & economic growth of the Municipality of North Grenville,
b) provide expertise as they are able and communicate and/or meet with subject matter experts, to arrive at recommendation(s) for Council,
c) advise Council on the best use of available resources,
d) research and present to Council, questions, challenges and/or issues that pertain to community & economic development in North Grenville,
e) offer advice and feedback to Council on community & economic development programs and project budgets,
f) research and review of community & economic development suggestions and proposals, in support of staff,
g) deliver advice to Council on Municipal plans of the Municipality; and
h) deal with matters of interest to North Grenville and within the area of community & economic development.

The Committee shall have regard to the shared priorities of the Council Workplan and forthcoming Community Strategic Plan.


The Committee shall be comprised of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 9 volunteer members and up to 2 member of Council, all of who have voting rights. A staff person(s) from the Economic Development division may also attend meetings as a liaison(s) to the Municipality.

In considering the appointment of voting members to the Committee, Council shall consider the following criteria for members of the Committee:
a) influential decision makers or business leaders from various businesses and/or industry sectors,
b) individuals who are prepared to commit to the responsibilities and duties required of them in their work on the Committee,
c) highly experienced individuals who possess unique skills and/or experience which will benefit the work of the Committee,
d) community members who have a very good or unique understanding of the current local economic climate,
e) individuals who understand that a strong commitment to this Committee is required, which means attending the majority of meetings and/or economic development events, of the Committee, and
f) individuals who understand the possible requirement for closed session meetings, conflict of interest and rules of non-disclosure, and are aware that they will be required to sign a letter of non-disclosure.

The Committee shall endeavor to have at least one member under the age of 25 and shall endeavour to be gender balanced.

The Committee, by a majority vote of its members, may recommend to Council to remove any member of the Committee who does not fulfil their obligations under their appointment.