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Mayor Nancy Peckford Lifts Municipal Emergency Order

April 20, 2022

NORTH GRENVILLE, ON – Mayor Nancy Peckford announced that the Municipality of North Grenville has lifted the Emergency Order, effective April 19, 2022 at 9:55 a.m. This decision is unanimously supported by the North Grenville Emergency Control Group and Municipal Council.

Following provincial public health along with provincial and federal governments easing of restrictions, the Municipality of North Grenville is now positioned to respond to COVID-19 within normal resources and operations. As such, the Municipal Control Group held a meeting on April 19 and recommended the lifting of the emergency order.

“Operating under a state of emergency for the last two years is certainly unprecedented. However, ensuring the safety or our community and municipal staff, among others, remained our top priority. Like many other municipalities across Ontario, we have lifted the emergency order given our and the province’s confidence that we can continue to protect members of the public without functioning under an emergency order. This is one more milestone in our journey towards recovery from the pandemic,” said Mayor Nancy Peckford.

“That being said, pandemic is not over yet unfortunately.  We know many continue to be affected directly and indirectly as new COVID variants circulate.  Please continue to follow public health recommendations to keep everyone safe. North Grenville’s COVID vaccination clinics, among others, are still offering boosters and first-time vaccinations,” added Mayor Peckford. “Please check with the health unit for details on how to book.”

On March 25, 2020, Mayor Peckford signed a declaration of emergency for the Municipality of North Grenville.

The declaration of a municipal emergency was part of North Grenville’s ongoing efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19. It helped to ensure that North Grenville’s municipal government could continue to respond quickly to the pandemic and any other events that arise from it.

“I would like to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to our public health professionals, first responders and health care workers, and to our residents and municipal staff for their sustained efforts over the past two years. We are in a much better position today because of the significant sacrifices everyone in our community has made, including of course our local businesses,” emphasized Mayor Peckford.

The Ontario government began easing public health measures in early 2022. By March 23, 2022, mask requirements had been lifted, passive screening no longer was required to enter a business, and safety plans for businesses and organizations were no longer required.

For updates on COVID-19 – including vaccination clinics - visit the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Health Unit at

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