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North Grenville Community Strategic Plan

This new Community Strategic Plan is building on the success of North Grenville’s original plan and is laying out the strategic direction for the community for the next 5 to 10 years. North Grenville’s new Community Strategic Plan will:

  • Advise local partners on strategies to diversify the local economy, create jobs, attract new businesses and retain existing businesses;
  • Identify actions that will continue the revitalization of the downtown core;
  • Help to create opportunities for local residents to be artistically expressive and celebrate local culture and heritage;
  • Guide the Municipality on strategies to satisfy the recreational needs of all age groups;
  • Be designed in such a way as to allow the strategic actions to be implemented as part of the North Grenville Asset Management Plan;
  • Inform the design and implementation of a communication strategy that will help the Municipality to better communicate with ratepayers, and particularly with rural residents seeking to preserve the rural way of life;
  • Inspire the Municipality and community of North Grenville to integrate the principles of sustainability into its plans, programs and activities;
  • Establish the dialogue of sustainability between North Grenville’s community planners and developers by clarifying the expectations of the community and the Municipality and acting as a starting point for future developments; and
  • Demonstrate how the Municipality can work with partners to keep residents moving by developing active transportation corridors, improving walkability and maintaining a safe network of roadways.

Once again, success will be the result of people working together on specific projects. The Municipality will play a leadership role, but the supporting implementation will be done on a project by project basis.