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Recent traffic complaints and resolution:

Wellington Road - March 2019

Dr. Gordon Cres. - March 2019

Cty Road 22 - December 2018

Cty Roads 43 & 22 - December 2018

Concession Road - December 2018

S River Road - October 2018

Royal Landing Gate - September 2018

Johnston Road S - July 2018

Johnston Road N - July 2018

Beach Road - June 2018

Wellington Road, February 2018          

Main Street/Crozier Street Oxford Mills, December 2017

Van Buren Street, December 2017

Concession Road, October 2017

Beach Road, August 2017

County Road 22, August 2017

Pinehill Road August 2017

S River Road, July 2017


 The Board is required to establish policies for the effective oversight of police service in accordance with Section 10(9) of the Police Services Act which deals with complaints against police. In particular, the Board has the responsibility to review the Detachment Commander’s administration of the complaints system under Part V of the Act and to receive regular reports from the Detachment Commander on his administration of the complaints system.

Office of the Independent Police Review Director

Part V of the Police Services Act, as amended, established an Independent Police Review Director and created a new public complaints process. The Office of the Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD) opened on October 19, 2009 and oversees all public complaints about police. The OIPRD’s role is to make sure that public complaints against police in Ontario are dealt with fairly, efficiently and effectively.

To make a complaint to the OIPRD a person may fill out a form online, fax or mail a complaint or submit a complaint in person at the OIPRD office. In addition, a person may also submit a completed complaint form to any regional, municipal or provincial police station in Ontario. The police will then forward the complaint to the OIPRD.

Additional information can also be found on the Office’s website

Complaints about conduct

If the complaint is about the conduct of a police officer other than the Detachment Commander, the Director will refer it to the Detachment Commander, another police service or retain it and deal with it.

Complaints about policies or services

If the complaint is about the policies of or services provided by the OPP, the Director has many options as to how to deal with the complaint, each of which will ensure transparency and thoroughness. He/she may decide not to deal further with the complaint or may refer it to the Commissioner who must review the complaint and take any action in response to the complaint as he/she considers appropriate. The decision may be reviewed by the Board. 


  • Please direct comments to the Board to:

    Cahl Pominville, Secretary

    Municipality of North Grenville

    285 County Rd. 44, Box 130

    Kemptville, ON, K0G1J0

    Tel: 613-258-9569  ext. 110

    Fax 613-258-9620