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Message from the Chief

Mission: “Provide fire prevention and protection services to protect our community and enhance life safety”.

Vision: “Provide the residents of North Grenville exemplary service in a cost effective manner”.

Message from the Chief:

JohnOkumWebFire Chief John Okum

Greetings and thank you for your interest in the North Grenville Emergency & Protective Services (EPS) department. The three (3) divisions under the purview of the EPS department are: Fire Services, By-Law Services and Emergency Management.

We endeavour to keep the community informed and educated on fire & life safety, local ordinances and community emergency measures.  Staff regularly assemble and post information on this site that is considered helpful and practical for the public. To ensure your safety and conformity to regulatory provisions, we urge you to contact our staff if the information you’re seeking is not available. 

North Grenville service levels are authorized by Municipal Council. Approved fire protection services are outlined in the Establishing & Regulating By-Law. Provision of fire protection is accomplished through public education/fire prevention, code enforcement and emergency responses. In Ontario, progressive fire and life safety codes are enacted to ensure safety, health and welfare of people and property.

Emergency responses in North Grenville are delivered by call-out firefighters. These dedicated men and women are members of our community who are committed to protect others. They are volunteers who receive nominal reimbursement in the form of an honorarium to help offset personal expenses. The training and skill level of a North Grenville firefighter is equal to that of a career firefighter.

Locally enacted by-laws provide guidance to the community on regulated or prohibited activities and provide direction to employees on managing business in accordance with Council wishes. By-Law Officers have tact, diplomacy and specialized skills to attempt to resolve complaints without going to court. These professionals provide education and guidance to the community on local policies.

Emergency situations that may affect the community can occur and the Municipality has prepared and planned business continuity amongst its departments. The EPS department coordinates emergency management functions and brings all departments together as part of their undertaking in prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Annual training and exercises facilitate a proactive approach to local emergency management.

The staff at Emergency and Protective Services strive to fulfill the departmental mission and deliver quality service to the community of North Grenville.

Director of Emergency & Protective Services/Fire Chief

John R. Okum



Contact the Fire Chief

  • Okum, John

    Director of Emergency & Protective Services, Fire Chief

    613-258-9569 ext 202