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Summer Maintenance

Summer maintenance activities include grading, dust control, grass cutting, tree trimming, road sign installation/maintenance, construction projects, drainage, street sweeping, and more.

Winter Maintenance

Winter maintenance activities include snow plowing, sanding/salting, snow removal in urban areas, sidewalk plowing and more. These activities are carried out in accordance with the Minimum Maintenance Standards established by the Province under Highway Traffic Act.

Please note that it is unlawful to push snow onto or across a public road or onto another property without the authorization of the property owner. Dangerous accumulations of ice and snow are to be removed from a roof where they overhang public roadways, sidewalks or public access areas to buildings.

Roads Contact Info

  • Scott, Doug

    Roads Superintendent

    613-258-9569 ext 131

  • Fequet, Cheryl

    Public Works Clerk

    613-258-9569 ext 133

  • Emergency After Hours Contact:
    (After-hours is 4:30pm to 8:00am – only for emergencies)