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By-Law Services - FAQ

Please note: This is simply an overview of the most common concerns relating to by-law services and should by no means be considered a complete list or guide to Municipal By-Laws. More detailed information and precise regulations are contained in the full version of our By-laws and consultation with those documents is encouraged. Some are available in the By-Law section of our documents library.

Parking Control

Can I stop in a fire route/lane to load or unload?

Yes, but only while you are actually loading or unloading. As soon as you leave the vehicle and it is left unattended by anyone with a valid driver’s license and the means to move the vehicle in an emergency, the vehicle is considered “parked” and subject to a fine and/or removal if necessary.

Fire access lanes are created for emergency vehicles including Police and Ambulance who need to respond very quickly. The matter of “I will only be gone a few seconds.” could literally mean the difference between life and death.

Can I stop in an accessible permit space?

To park or stop in an accessible space, you or your passenger must display a valid accessible parking permit. Without a valid permit you could receive a ticket and/or have your vehicle removed.

The fine for parking in an accessible space without a valid permit displayed begins at $300.00. To be considered valid, the expiry date on the permit must be visible.

How long may I park on a street?

The Municipality instituted a 3 hour parking limit between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm on all streets within the boundaries of the Municipality. This is enforced on a complaint basis. Also, there is no overnight parking during the winter months between November 15 and April 15. Parked vehicles obstructing snow clearing or snow removal equipment may be subject to a ticket and/or removal at any time.

I got a ticket for “parking within 9 metres of an intersection”. I did not see any signs.

There are several offences taken directly from the Highway Traffic Act which do not require signs to be posted. As in this situation, they are in place for safety. A crowded intersection inhibits visibility for pedestrian and vehicular traffic as well as a physical obstruction in the safe turning radius for larger vehicles such as trucks, buses, or emergency vehicles.

Why did I get a ticket for parking facing the wrong direction?

Parking opposite the flow of traffic causes a serious safety risk to other motorists, especially after dark.

  1. Oncoming drivers think there’s a car coming at them.
  2. Leaving the spot puts you against traffic.
  3. You have to cross the road (against traffic) to park.

Dog or Cat Ownership

Do I need to get a license for my dog?

ALL dogs are required to be licensed regardless of whether they go outdoors or not. The fine for not having a valid dog license begins at $105.00. The annual license fee is $15.00.

When does my dog license expire?

Dog licenses expire December 31 of the year they are issued. The Municipality grants a three month grace period to renew the license. After March 31 the fee is doubled.

How many dogs may I keep?

As of August 11, 2014 a maximum limit of three dogs per property was instituted. In keeping with the rural lifestyle of the Municipality, this does not apply to licensed kennels or to lands zoned Rural (RU) or Agricultural (AG).

Does my dog need to be leashed?

Since June 2011, all dogs must be leashed when off the owner’s property for any period of time.

Is there a park or similar area where my dog can run off-leash?

Currently a dog may only be off leash on its owner’s property or on private property with the consent of the property owner.

What about the Ferguson Forestry Centre? Can we walk dogs in there off leash?

The leash restriction applies to all properties within the Municipality unless specific permission is granted by the property owner for the use of their property for that purpose. The Forestry Centre has signs displayed indicating that dogs must be on a leash.

What about cats?

There are very few regulations regarding the keeping of cats. Similar to the limit on the number of dogs, as of August 11, 2014, a maximum of five cats per property are permitted. Again, this does not apply to licensed kennels or properties zoned Rural (RU), Agricultural (AG).

What about a combination of dogs and cats?

The total number of both dogs and cats shall not exceed five (5), where both dogs and cats are kept, with a maximum number of three (3) dogs permitted.

I’ve come across a stray dog. What can I do?

If at all possible, remain with or contain the dog. If it is licensed, call 613-258-9569 x 103 to obtain the owner’s information. Otherwise you can contact our Animal Control Officer, Andy Parent at 613-862-9002 who will make arrangements to pick up the dog and find its owner.


Is there a limit when construction noise is permitted?

Construction noise is permitted between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm seven days a week including holidays.

It is usually after hours when I have a noise complaint. Who do I contact and how?

Our part-time By-law Services Officer may be able to respond at the time of the incident. Please leave a voicemail or email message. If you do not receive an immediate response, an Officer will respond the next business day. We can respond after the fact based on the evidence of the complainant. If the incident involves persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs the police should be your first point of contact by dialing 9-1-1.

What can I do about a barking dog?

Speaking with the owner is always a good first step. Sometimes they are unaware or so accustomed to the barking they don’t realize it’s a problem. Often times, the owner has left the premises and is unaware their dog is barking during their absence. Often bringing the problem to their attention is sufficient without involving the authorities. Persistent barking is a violation under the Animal Control By-law as well as the Noise By-law.


Can I keep chickens? Can I keep a horse on my property?

Chickens, horses, pigs and other livestock may only be kept on property which is zoned as Rural (RU) or Agricultural (AG). The keeping of any type of livestock in any other zone is prohibited.

Why was I told I cannot ride my dirtbike/ATV on my own property?

Dirtbikes and ATV’s can become a nuisance due to the constant noise. Simply passing or crossing a property enroute to a trail or similar venue is not an issue. The problem arises with tracks or continuous circling on a smaller piece of property.

For this reason the Noise By-law, in conjunction with the Zoning By-law constrain the use of ATV’s, dirtbikes and similar off road vehicles to lands zoned Rural (RU) or Agricultural (AG) and even then restrict the activity to “personal use and enjoyment” between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm.

Inviting other riders and machines which do not reside on the property is prohibited. The use of ATV’s, dirtbikes and similar off-road machines in the continuous manner discussed here in other zones is prohibited.


Do I need a permit for a fence?

Fences do not require a permit, but there are restrictions on the height and materials as well as the placement of residential fences. These are some of the highlights, but reference to the actual by-law is encouraged;

  1. Solid board (privacy) fence may be erected to a maximum height of 1.5 metres (5 feet) from the front of the footprint of the residence to the back of the lot.
  2. Open concept (chain link, louvered, and similar open design) may be erected to a maximum of 2 metres (6.5 feet) from the front of the footprint of the residence to the back of the lot.
  3. From the front of the footprint of the residence to the front of, along the front of the lot, the height is limited to 1 metre (3 feet) in height.
  4. Barbed wire, electrically charged, or similar hazardous materials or designs are prohibited.
  5. A residential fence may be placed up to and including on the lot line, but keep in mind the person erecting the fence is also the one responsible for future maintenance. If you do not have access to the side of the fence from the adjoining property, you may have difficulty doing the required maintenance. A fence may not be erected on a Municipal or County road allowance.
  6. Owners of corner lots must also be aware of the “daylight triangle” to ensure proper line of sight is maintained at intersecting streets.

Waste/Garbage - Leaves/Garden Waste

How do I dispose of appliances or furniture?

Large items which need to be disposed of will not be collected by roadside contractors. They must be transported to the Municipal waste transfer station, or contracted privately (some charitable organizations will collect appliances or furniture).

What about hazardous waste?

Hazardous waste including Freon from refrigerators and freezers will not be collected by roadside contractors. These items must be taken to the waste transfer station or similar recognized facility for proper disposal. There is an additional fee for Freon removal on top of the disposal charges at the waste transfer station.

My garbage was not picked up!

Was a bag tag attached? Was it placed out for collection prior to 7:00 am of the day of pick up?

Bag tags are required for all waste placed out for roadside collection. There is a diagram of proper attachment of the tags on each bag tag. If the tag is improperly affixed, partially missing or otherwise not in compliance with the by-law, the contractors will not collect the item(s).

Statutory holidays affect the pick-up schedule by pushing the normal pick up date ahead by one (i.e. normal Tuesday pick up is done on Wednesday)

If your garbage was placed out on time and in accordance with the by-law, please contact North Grenville Public Works (613-258-9569) to resolve the situation.

What do I do with leaf and yard waste?

Leaf and yard waste will not be collected by roadside contractors. It may be used as compost or mulch as outlined on our website under “leaf and yard waste” or it may be dropped off at the waste transfer station. Leaf and yard waste is charged at a lower rate and must be separated household garbage.

Christmas Trees?

Christmas trees are classified as leaf and yard waste. Roadside contractors will not collect Christmas trees.

Campfires/Chimineas/Fire pots/Outdoor fireplace/Burn barrels/Fire pits

I live in the Town of Kemptville. Can I have a campfire in my yard?

Campfires are not permitted within the town limits as well as other areas such as eQuinelle and residences on Raina Way. These restricted areas are described and mapped in our Open Air Fire By-Law. Please refer to this by-law or call 613-258-9569 x201 for general information.

Can I have a chiminea or fire pot on our patio?

These appliances, as with a campfire, are not permitted in the restricted areas.

Camp fires, chimineas/fire pots are permitted for residents who live in the rural area provided they have a valid Open Air Fire permit. The fire permit is $15.00 and is valid until December 31 of the year of purchase.

Regulations for burn barrels and fire pits

Regulations for burn barrels and fire pits require there be a distance of not less that 25m (82.02 ft) from any building, hedge or other combustible material, overhead wiring, roadway or property line. Such burning may only be conducted during daylight hours.

Reporting a violation

What can I expect if I decide to report a violation?

When you wish to report a violation, the Officer will ask for your name, address and phone number. This information is protected and completely confidential.

The Officer will ask for specifics (who, where, when, what, how). The complaint or concern will be investigated. Please be patient. Enforcement is a process and can take time.

By-Law Contacts

  • Petersen, James

    By-Law Officer

    613-258-9569 ext 206

  • Lizotte, Josee

    By-Law Officer

    office: 613-258-9569 ext 204 or cell: 613-282-9959