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By-Law Services - FAQ

Please note: This is simply an overview of the most common concerns relating to by-law services and should by no means be considered a complete list or guide to Municipal By-Laws. More detailed information and precise regulations are contained in the full version of our By-laws and consultation with those documents is encouraged. Some are available in the By-Law section of our documents library.


By-Law Contacts

  • Garrah, John

    By-Law Officer

    613-258-9569 ext 206

  • Lizotte, Josee

    By-Law Officer

    613-258-9569 ext 204

  • Ouellette, Luc

    Senior By-Law Officer

    613-258-9569 ext 211

  • General Inquiries, By-Law

    By-Law Inquiries

    613-258-9569 ext 211