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Overdue Accounts

Reminder Notices will be sent to those customers with an unpaid balance after the original bill due date. This notice will include a late fee of 8% plus 1.25% penalty on any arrears as described in the Water Billing Fee Structure Policy. See Section K of By-Law 63-12.

Disconnection Notices will be sent to customers who have arrears over 90 days on their account and they are given 14 days to payment the arrears. Customers are notified of the date they will be scheduled for disconnection. Payment must be at least the amount of the arrears over 90 days. If a customer cannot make full payment, arrangements can be made by contacting the Water Billing Clerk to set up a payment plan to pay arrears. If the customer does not follow set arrangements, they will be sent a letter stating they are in default of payments and will be notified of the date their services will be scheduled for disconnection.

Schedule of Disconnection Notices will be sent to anyone who still has not made payment as per Disconnection Notice and will provide the actual disconnection date which is 10 days from date of the notice.

Disconnection will be scheduled approximately 10 days following mailing of the Schedule of Disconnection Notice and never on the day before a holiday, weekend or any other day that the Municipal Office is closed. In order to avoid disconnection of water service, the customer must pay the delinquent account balance by 5:00 pm on the day before the scheduled disconnection.

Disconnection and Reconnection Fees: The Municipality of North Grenville’s Water & Wastewater division will disconnect any water/wastewater account with a delinquent balance over 90 days as of 10:00 am on the day of disconnection as stated on the Schedule of Disconnection Notice. The Water Billing Clerk will contact the Water & Wastewater division if there are any changes to the disconnection list on a daily basis. A disconnection fee of $50 will be applied to their account and an additional reconnection fee of $50 will be added when the service is reconnected. Municipal staff may cancel the cutoff order for a property once the payment has been made to the satisfaction of the Water Billing Clerk. Any payment made after regular business hours will be processed the following business day.

Service Reconnection: Reconnection of water service will only occur during regular business hours. Water connections will be restored within 2 hours of receipt of payment. The Finance Department cannot authorize overtime for reconnection of any water service due to a late water bill payment. If an emergency situation exists where a resident cannot be without water overnight, the Director of Public Works or designate have sole authority to authorize personnel for overtime to reconnect a water account. Staff should contact the Director of Public Works if they believe an emergency situation may exist. The customer will be charged an additional fee for the personnel overtime incurred by the Municipality.

Water Billing Contacts

  • Johnston, Krysta

    Water Wastewater Clerk

    613-258-9569 ext 159