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Eastern Ontario Correctional Complex

eoccMapOn August 27, 2020, Premier Doug Ford, and Ontario Solicitor General Sylvia Jones, announced plans to build a new Eastern Ontario Correctional Complex in Kemptville. The complex is expected to take approximately seven years to complete and would open in 2027.

The facility will be located on the “farm-side” lands by the Kemptville Campus. These lands have been owned by the Government of Ontario for a long time, and they have full jurisdiction over their use. They also have the authority to build correctional facilities where they see fit.

In 2018, our Municipality acquired 626-acres of the old Kemptville College. The Campus is home to a heritage sugarbush, and hundreds of acres of forested lands, farmlands, wetlands, and several schools and local businesses.

This property is fully within North Grenville’s control and is separate and apart from the location of the proposed provincial Correctional facility on a different parcel of provincially owned farm-side lands on the eastside of County Road 44 close to the 416.

The Municipality of North Grenville is reviewing options for community benefit initiatives on this land. We are seeking valuable input from the public on how best to use the lands to establish community-driven agricultural and related projects. See more info at

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