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North Grenville Strategic Plan


At the January 25, 2022 Council meeting Council enthusiastically adopted the Municipality of North Grenville’s 10-year Community Strategic Plan. The plan aims to achieve the community’s vision, North Grenville is a caring, vibrant, and cohesive community, where growth is sustainably managed to enhance the quality of urban and rural life for all.

This Community Strategic Plan reflects the shared insights of almost 2,000 public participants, advisory committee members, community groups, Council, and municipal staff who engaged in the process. Thank you to everyone who participated.

The plan is based on a foundation of five pillars: 

  1. Balanced and Environmentally Sustainable Growth
  2. A Strong, Connected, and Vibrant Community
  3. Diverse and Resilient Economic Development
  4. Efficient Governance and Service Delivery
  5. A Caring Community

As the goals and actions of the plan are achieved, progress will be shared with the community.

See the January 26th, 2022 Media Release here.

Why We Need a Strategic Plan

A strategic plan depicts the community’s vision for North Grenville and creates a roadmap for how to get there. As a growing community, it is important to identify strategic priorities so we can best act on opportunities to better our community for those that live and run businesses here.

Following the creation of the strategic plan, a new departmental business planning process will be implemented that will aid the annual budget process, aligning the direction of funding decisions with agreed upon planned priorities. This will also help create transparent annual reports to keep residents informed of the progress of key initiatives. By aligning the annual budget and business planning with the strategic plan’s goals, the process to achieve the strategic plan’s vision becomes more streamlined and the likelihood of success increased.

Past Plans

North Grenville’s last strategic plan was completed in 2013. In the Fall of 2018 residents elected a new Council who committed to completing a new strategic plan in 2020. In the interim, Council created a work plan. The 2019 Council Work Plan represents the shared priorities that were voiced by community members throughout the election campaign which builds on the values reflected in the 2018 Official Plan and 2006 and 2013 Strategic Plans.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the strategic planning process was delayed until 2021.


To learn more or ask questions about this project contact Hillary at 613-258-9569 x162 or 

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