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Garbage and Recycling

Change is coming to your waste collection program!

The Ontario Government is in the process of implementing the Waste Free Ontario Act. The Act aims to achieve a target of 30% diversion by 2020 and 50% by 2030. In 2017, North Grenville diverted 26% of its waste from a landfill. The Act makes producers responsible for their products and how the materials are managed at their end of life. Another aspect of the Act is a plan to ban organic material from going into landfills.  This means the way that waste is collected will change in the coming years. 

North Grenville is a rapidly growing community which is producing an increasing amount of garbage that has to be transported out of the Municipality at a cost per tonne. Each year the cost of waste disposal is rising.  The amount of garbage produced per year can be seen below here:


The Municipality has completed waste studies twice in the past 10 years; one in 2009 and one in 2017. The 2009 study only looked at garbage, but the 2017 study also looked at what was in recycling.  The comparison between the 2009 and 2017 reports and the 2017 recycling composition are below.


The results showed that there was an approximate decrease of 5% in the amount of recyclables in the garbage but there was also a 25% increase in the amount of organics. In total, the studies showed that 56% of the weight of garbage was organic material. Therefore, if an organics program was introduced, the average North Grenville resident could expect to save on bag tags.

With legislative changes coming and the existing level of organics in the garbage, North Grenville is looking at the possibility of implementing an organics program. Other programs that are being looked at include: leaf & yard waste pick up, bulky item pickup, and bi-weekly garbage pickup.

Council would like to have input from residents on what the future of waste management in North Grenville should look like to help guide the direction of the upcoming waste management contracts.  A survey had been developed allow residents to share their opinions and a Discussion Forum was held on March 25 at the Municipal Centre. The survey results and Forum comments will help guide the design of the Request for Proposal and provide a framework for evaluating the submitted proposals. The future of the Municipal waste program will be shaped with help from this survey as approved by Council.

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