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Hydro One will be conducting forestry operations on the Oxford Mills F1,2,3 distribution line in 2019.

North Grenville, ON – With the legalization of cannabis in October, the Smoke Free Ontario Act was changed to include new regulations regarding vaping and cannabis, in addition to tobacco. The new regulations touch on multiple public spaces including Municipally-owned sporting and recreational facilities such as playgrounds, sports fields and the Municipal Centre.

Below are some highlights from the regular Municipality of North Grenville Council Meeting held on Monday, January 14, 2019:

At their January 14, 2019 meeting, Council approved the establishment and terms of reference for the Mayor’s Task Force on Affordable Housing. The mandate of the Mayor’s Task Force is to examine the current state of affordable housing in the Municipality and make recommendations for strategies and opportunities to expand access for residents.


December 20th, 2018

Council must make a decision on whether to allow retail cannabis stores to operate within the Municipality of North Grenville by January 22, 2019.  Before the decision is made, Council is collecting feedback from the public via a survey that is available online here or available for pick-up and return from the Municipal Office or the Library.

Concerning a proposed Zoning By-Law Amendment - ZBA-18-18

December 5, 2018 – This statement is to advise that the low water status in the Rideau River watershed is returned to “Normal” including the Kemptville Creek sub-watershed.

December 3, 2018

South Nation Conservation (SNC) has lifted the 5-month Drought Advisory triggered by a dry spring and summer.

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