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Highlights from the August 18, 2020 Council Meeting

August 21, 2020

Highlights from the August 18, 2020 Council Meeting:  

Neon Night Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Council was very pleased to declare this September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and will raise the childhood cancer flag. The Canadian Cancer Society's Neon Night committee is hosting its 7th annual Neon Night Kemptville online for the 2020 Virtual Neon Night. The 2020 Virtual Neon Night will run from September 1 – September 19, with a goal to raise $20,000. This year's event is open to anyone in the community and beyond to participate or donate. For more details visit:

Decrease in Base Rate for Municipal Water Bill: Council passed a motion to change how the municipality charges for potable water use. Based on the Water and Wastewater Rate Study Report by Watson and Associates Economists Ltd, there will be a 37 percent reduction in the base rate, and the consumption rate has also been lowered for the first 12 cubic metres consumed in a month. A higher rate takes effect for additional cubic metres.

Overall, a typical resident will likely see an approximate 6.6% decrease in their total annual bill. The new rates will take effect on October 1, 2020 and users will see the changes reflected on their bi-monthly water bills that will be issued in December.

Further, the $150 tenant deposit will also be eliminated. This will eliminate the administrative burden to collect, track and release tenant deposits while, more importantly, eliminate the imposition of an unnecessary financial burden on tenants. Pre-existing tenant accounts and deposits will remain the same until there is a change in their specific billing agreement.

Water and Wastewater Capacity Allocation: Council passed a motion to adopt a policy for the allocation of water and wastewater capacity for future development given the reality that limited capacity remains until the Municipality has expanded its current sewage treatment facility.

The policy will help guide Council and the Municipality in allocating the remaining water and wastewater reserve capacities of the Water Pollution Control Plant and the Municipal Water Supply System, and it will do so in a defined, sustainable and transparent process.

The policy will ensure that the servicing capacity will be used to manage development in a way that promotes sustainable and smart growth, something Council has identified as a significant priority given the increase in both residential and commercial properties in this community.

Relief for Tax and Water Bill Penalties and Interest: As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the financial hardships that some residents face, the Municipality of North Grenville will accept applications for relief from late penalties and/or interest on outstanding tax and/or water bills. The Municipality encourages residents to reach out as quickly as possible if they are concerned about timely payment of property or water bills.  Residents who wish to apply for financial relief will be required to fill out an online form which will be assessed by staff in Finance and Public Works. The online form is available on the Municipality's website.

Upcoming Meetings: Special Council on Tuesday, September 1, Council on Tuesday, September 15. Currently Council meetings are held by video conference and live streamed via the Municipal website. For more information, contact Clerk Heather Babcock-Cormier at  or at 613-258-9569 ext. 178. 

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