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Council Decreases Base Rate for Municipal Water Bill

August 28, 2020

NORTH GRENVILLE – Residents using municipal water will see a change on their bi-monthly bill this fall. Following the recommendations from a five year review of Kemptville’s water and wastewater needs, there will be a 37% reduction in the base rate effective this October. In addition, the rate charged per cubic metre of water consumed will move to a tiered system with a lower rate for the first 12 cubic metres consumed in a month and a higher rate for any additional water use per cubic metre.

Under this new system, a typical residential household using around 148 cubic metres of water a year, will see an approximate 6.6% decrease in their total annual bill. The base rate will be reduced from $74.58 per month to $47.00 per month for a standard residential service.

“Based on the projections in the five year report, my Council colleagues and I were confident in the decision to lower the water bill base rate. Not only will some residents see a lower amount on their bill, depending on their use, the new rates will continue to allow for a self-sustainable water and wastewater system,” said Mayor Nancy Peckford. 

Operation of the water and wastewater systems are funded through user fees and do not rely on municipal taxes. The Municipality charges a "single combined" utility fee for water and wastewater. This fee includes the minimum monthly base rate with an additional consumptive rate based on the users metered water consumption.

“By reducing the base rate and adjusting the consumption rates, it encourages residents to conserve water and puts more control in the hands of those using the system,” added Councillor John Barclay.

The new rates will take effect on October 1st, 2020 and users will see the changes reflected on their bi-monthly water bills that will be issued in December.

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