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Statement by Mayor Nancy Peckford on International Women’s Day

March 5, 2021

NORTH GRENVILLE, ON - Mayor Nancy Peckford issued the following statement on International Women’s Day.

On behalf of myself and my Council colleagues, we join with communities across Canada, and around the world, to celebrate International Women’s Day 2021 – a time to mark the social, cultural and political achievements of women.

North Grenville’s Council is proud to have near gender parity, with 3 women and two men as elected officials as it turns out.  

As a mother of two daughters and one son, I see this day as a chance to reflect on how we can ensure that gender is not a barrier for any person.

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, I invite you to reach out to some of the incredibly bright, strong and fierce women who help make up the fabric of our vibrant community, and tell them how much you appreciate their efforts. 

This past year has challenged all of us. The weight of the global pandemic has brought increased stressors, along with financial and economic challenges. While the pandemic’s impacts have, undoubtedly, been felt by everyone, much of the burden has been born, unfortunately, by women. 

Front-line essential workers in long term care homes, servers in restaurants, and grocery stores workers tend to be predominantly women, and are more economically vulnerable than in other sectors.

Many mothers, and female caregivers, have confronted increasing demands as they try to juggle work, parenting, caring for older parents and homeschooling. Others have been hard hit as entrepreneurs or small business owners.

In fact, the pandemic has created a perfect storm for some women and families as economic, social and caregiving pressures have further compounded one another.  

As we begin to rebuild and recover from COVID-19, let us work together as a community and country so people at all life stages are supported, and are free to realize their full potential.  

No matter what the issue, let us pave the way for our girls to see that glass ceilings can continue to be shattered, and for our boys and men to not be constrained by rigid stereotypes. Ultimately, may we all feel empowered to choose our own paths. 

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Watch Mayor Peckford's video address HERE. 

A longer version of Mayor Peckford’s Statement on International Women’s Day was published in the March 3, 2021 edition of the North Grenville Times.

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