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North Grenville launches Diaper Collection Pilot Program

June 11, 2021

NORTH GRENVILLE, ON – As part of the new waste management program, North Grenville will launch a 90-day pilot program for curbside collection of diapers, menstrual and incontinence products.

The pilot program will begin July 5, 2021, however residents wishing to participate will be required to pre-register for the service no later than Friday, June 25. Residents can opt-in a month at a time but must pre-register according to the dates below.

“Council requested this pilot program for the additional curbside collection based on resident feedback and demand,” said Mayor Nancy Peckford.

“Especially in hot summer months, we recognize that weekly pick up of certain products will provide a better waste management experience for many households, daycares, and related businesses. It is a common practice in municipalities to offer this enhanced service as long as the demand. ”

The financial model of the program is based on an estimated minimum of 62 households per week.

Residents who have pre-registered for the program will be required to put two garbage bag tags ($5.50 total) per container. Regular collection rules apply; to the curb prior to 7:00am and each bag/container cannot exceed 50 lbs.

Curbside pickup will be on the household’s alternate Garbage Week. For example, if a resident’s regular Garbage Week is Week 1, they would put the additional garbage (with 2 bag tags per container) out on Week 2 for curbside collection.

Residents who wish to participate will be required to pre-register by emailing  with their name, address, phone number and Garbage Week.

Pre-registration deadline dates:

June 25 – for July pick-up
July 23 – for August pick-up
August 20 - for September pick-up

“The success of the pilot program depends on the number of participants who adopt the service,” added Councillor John Barclay and Public Works Liaison. “User fees should account for at least half of its cost.”

Once the program is running, Public Works staff will use the data from the collection to determine the success of the pilot program and report back to Council. It will then be determined if the program will become a permanent special program.

Since the new waste management program began in February 2021 and with the introduction of the organic green bin collection, over 80 tons/month has been diverted from the landfill.

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