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NOTICE: Sanitary and Storm Sewer Cleaning Being Conducted

The Municipality of North Grenville has contracted Clean Water Works Inc. to conduct sanitary and storm sewer cleaning between September 13th and November 1st, 2021 in the areas outlined in red.

The sewers are cleaned by flushing using a high-pressure cleaning nozzle to remove dirt, grease, and other minor obstructions. The work will not affect the majority of homeowners or cause any disruption to service, but there is a small chance that noise and odors may result. As a precaution, we advise that you keep your toilet lids closed when they are not in use and flush after every use.

To prevent odors, it is recommended to pour 2 liters of water into infrequently used plumbing fixtures to ensure the drain trap is full, ideally before AND after the work takes place. If water appears to be spilled around your toilet or floor drain, please accept our apologies as we perform this important sewer maintenance work. Any spilled water was water stored in the drain trap and can simply be wiped up.