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NOTICE: Water Main Flushing October 2021

As part of a system wide water main flushing program, the Municipality of North Grenville will be cleaning water mains in the Town of Kemptville this month - October 2021.

Flushing water mains is necessary to remove sediment and iron that gradually deposit in the pipes. There may be brief periods when your water becomes cloudy or discoloured. Please check your drinking, cooking and laundry water before using.  Let your cold tap run until the water flows clear. Also, there may be temporary pressure fluctuations during flushing.  This will not pose a health hazard.  Municipal staff will try to minimize any inconvenience.

Sanitary Laterals

Did you know that a property owner owns and is responsible for maintaining the sewer lateral from inside a building to the point where it connects with the municipal main?  A property owner is responsible for all maintenance associated with their sewer lateral.  Unfortunately, sewer laterals are often not maintained by private property owners until a disaster strikes. Out of sight, out of mind is a typical approach to sewer lateral maintenance and operation by many. It is our hope that we can provide you various means of addressing these issues and thus minimize your risk of an overflow entering your home.

  1. Maintain your lateral through proper cleaning, repair, and replacement
  2. Do not place improper items into the sewer or make improper connections to the sewer. Sewer backups can cause tremendous damage to the interior of a home.
    a. Keep rainwater out of the sewer lines as it overwhelms the capacity of the sewer lines and may cause sewer spills and backups. As per by-law 65-20  J.19. “No person being the owner of premises shall permit water from the roof or from the sump pump of a building on the land to discharge by way of a connection to the sanitary sewer."
    b. Do not pour fats, oils, and grease in your drains as these products harden and stick to the inside of the sewer pipes, which build up and  will eventually cause a blockage in the lateral and the main sewer pipe. In addition, plastics, baby wipes, diapers and feminine products also cause blockages.
  3. Install a backwater valve and cleanout in your sewer lateral.

These simple steps can help keep the flow going, and prevent costly overflows and damage.

For any questions or concerns please contact:

Krysta Johnston, Water Wastewater Clerk,
285 County Road 44,Kemptville
Phone: 613-258-9569 ext. 159