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Public submissions invited for 2016 budget process

The Municipality of North Grenville is preparing for the 2016 budget and the process has been changed this year so that residents and special interest groups are able to submit proposals for consideration early in the process.

In preparation for the budget discussions to follow, Council invites proposals by residents and special interest groups who wish to see a specific project advanced by the Municipality in the upcoming budget year. Proposals should be provided in writing to the Treasurer by Friday, October 23.

In addition to the regular Council and Committee of the Whole meetings, there will be additional public budget meetings scheduled. During these meetings, Council will discuss the proposals from residents and special interest groups and the operations and capital projects for all departments. As well, there will be budget presentations from the North Grenville Library Board and North Grenville Accessible Transportation.

This process is intended to provide a transparent and open opportunity for the community to work with Council to integrate the principles of the Strategic Plan and set important and affordable priorities for the 2016 budget year.

Information on the budget development, including public budget meeting dates and copies of draft budgets, will be posted on the Municipal website and advertised in the local media throughout the process.