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2016 Pre-Budget Survey Launches

The North Grenville Municipal Council is please to accounce the launch of the first ever pre-budget survey.

Historically the budget process has meant that every fall, Municipal staff in each department prepare draft budgets based on estimated operational costs and anticipated capital projects in keeping with the goals of various Municipal plans, including the Community Strategic Plan and the priorities of Council. These draft budgets were presented to Council and the public in a series of special meetings where the various expenses and revenues were discussed and the public was invited to offer comment.

"This year, Council wanted to take a different approach to the budget process by focusing on gaining public input from the very beginning and part of that public input is the 2016 pre-budget survey", said CAO Brian Carre.

"The idea behind this survey is to engage residents and get public feedback through a different format", said Deputy Mayor Barb Tobin. "This survey is another tool to hear from the public who are interested in the process, but perhaps not able to attend budget meetings."

The survey focuses on Municipal service areas and asks citizens to indicate whether they feel the service levels for each area should be reduced, maintained or enhanced, or whether they have no comment or are indifferent, keeping in mind that maintaining or enhancing service levels may result in tax increases.

The survey will be available for the month of November. A hard copy of the survey will also be delivered to every address in the Municipality by Canada Post in the first week of November and may be completed and dropped off at one of the following locations by November 30:

  • North Grenville Municipal Centre, 2nd floor - 285 County Road 44, Kemptville
  • North Grenville Public Library - 1 Water Street, Kemptville
  • Burritts Rapids Public Library Branch