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Watershed Conditions Statement September 28, 2018 - Kemptville Creek Watershed Low Water Status Upgraded to MILD Severity

September 27, 2018 –  This statement is to advise that the low water status in the Rideau River watershed has returned to “Normal” except for the Kemptville Creek subwatershed which is at “Minor” Severity, down from “Moderate” Severity.

Rain over the last week pushed totals above what is normal for the time of year at most climate monitoring sites in the region. The forecast is indicating more rainfall next week that will begin to restore streamflows to historical averages.

The exception is at the Environment Canada site in Kemptville which has a 90 day total at 67% of normal, well below the threshold for the Minor severity status of 80%.

Winterization of the Rideau Canal will begin on October 9 and proceed to mid-November. Presently, water levels from Ottawa Locks to Newboro are sufficient for navigation. Further information is available on the Parks Canada Infonet (address below).

Water conservation is recommended for all residents of the Rideau River watershed. Burn bans may still be in effect in some municipalities. Check your municipal website for applicable bylaws. Those who have permits for taking water from surface or groundwater sources are encouraged to reduce their actual taking as much as possible.

Conservation Authority staff continue to monitor conditions and communicate with water managers throughout the watershed. Updates to this message will be issued as conditions warrant.

Other relevant information sources are:
Parks Canada Infonet: https://w
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change:
Ontario’s Low Water Response program: 
RVCA website:
Hourly and daily streamflows and water levels:

More Information:
Patrick Larson, RVCA Senior Water Resources Technician 
Rideau Valley Conservation Authority 
613-692-6831, 1-800-267-3504 ext. 1210