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Council Announces Appointees to 7 Remaining Advisory Committees

At their regular meeting on July 16, 2019, North Grenville’s Municipal Council appointed members to seven advisory committees.  This is in addition to the Mayoral Task Force on Affordable Housing struck in January and the Community & Economic Development Advisory Committee convened in April 2019.

Of the seven remaining advisory committees, three of them are existing, including the Accessibility Advisory Committee, the Active Transportation Advisory Committee and the Heritage Advisory Committee. Four are newly established advisory committees, including Agriculture & Rural Affairs, Arts & Culture, Environmental Action and Health, Wellness & Fitness. 

On behalf of Council, I would like to extend our appreciation to all those who expressed an interest in contributing to our community by playing a role on a Committee. In addition to the community members appointed by Council to each committee, Council has created the capacity for each Committee to include designated representatives of relevant organizations and advisory experts who have particular knowledge and interests. This will ensure each Committee and Municipal Council as a whole will benefit from a diversity of views and perspectives,” said Mayor Peckford. 

According to the newly established Terms of Reference for all Municipal Advisory Committees, there are a maximum of two elected representatives of Council on each Committee. Chairs and vice chairs will be selected among those community members appointed to each Committee and Council representatives will not be eligible for these roles. 

The appointed members, including Council representatives are as follows: 

Accessibility Advisory Committee:
Jason Turmaine
Kris McPhee
Carole Pollock
Jamie Bertrand
Tony Labossiere
Councillor Doreen O’Sullivan
Mayor Nancy Peckford

Active Transportation Advisory Committee:
Evann Yakabuski
Sarah Herring
Kathryn Allwright
William Kozak
Paul Sharpe
Amanda Bennett
Kerrie-Lynn Kossatz
Jill Sturdy
Councillor Doreen O’Sullivan
Councillor Kristin Strackerjan

Agriculture & Rural Affairs Advisory Committee:
Martha Bradburn
Laura Scott
Yann Bossel
Deron Johnston
Shawn Carnegie
Emily Kelly
Councillor John Barclay
Mayor Nancy Peckford

Arts & Culture Advisory Committee
Lisa Poushinsky
Justin Ralph
Susanna Larner
Arthur McGregor
Barbara Lacelle
Herb Cloutier
Nancy Johnston
Jayne Couch Molony
Caroline Koeheler
Councillor John Barclay
Councillor Doreen O’Sullivan

Environmental Action Advisory Committee:
Amie Boudreau Ivany
Jacob Brown
Fraser Mowat
Graeme Allan
Colin Creasey
Cheryl Sheffer
Fredrick Schueler
Kara Vlasman
Councillor Kristin Strackerjan
Councillor John Barclay

Heritage Advisory Committee:
Patricia Habberjam
Inge van Gemeren
Michael Whittaker
Neil Whyte
Cam Stevenson
Dagmar McCord
David Shanahan
Kenneth Mews
Councillor John Barclay
Mayor Nancy Peckford

Now that the appointments have been made, the committees will convene in the near future. Meeting dates, agendas and minutes will be posted here to the Municipal website as they become available. Committee members and Terms of Reference are also available here.