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Sports Fields & Parks Rental

North Grenville boasts a number of sports fields and parks which are available for events such as sports tournaments, family reunions and community events.

Soccer Fields

Riverside Park - 2 soccer fields (mini field nets available)

South Gower Park - 5 soccer fields and a number of mini fields

Crozier Park - 1 soccer field

Soccer FieldsRates
Youth Game$12/hour
Youth Tournament$179/day
Adult Game$46/game
Adult Tournament$262/day

Ball Diamonds

Riverside Park - 2 softball and one fastball diamond (one lit diamond)

South Gower Park - 2 softball and one fastball diamond (one lit diamond)

Crozier Park - 1 ball diamond

Ball DiamondsRates
Youth Game$9/hour
Youth Tournament$179/day
Adult Game$37/game
Adult Tournament$267/day

Washrooms and Other Support Facilities

South Gower Park has a pavillion and canteen facilities available for rent during events as well as public washroom facilities. Riverside Park and Crozier Park each have portable washroom facilities available during summer months. 

Rental Contact

For pricing or information on booking, contact

  • Corkery, Raquel

    Sports Facilities Booking & Advertising Clerk

    613-258-9569 ext 115

  • Kmiel, Lisa

    Events Coordinator

    613-258-9569 ext 134