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Urbandale Arts Centre

musical theatreThe Urbandale Arts Centre is a theatre within the Municipal Centre that seats 300 guests comfortably, has a large stage with ample wing space and boasts ideal support facilities. There are two spacious dressing/makeup rooms with washrooms, wardrobe and prop storage, a green room and a workshop with direct stage access, built-in and portable lighting and sound features, as well as a hearing induction loop.

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Dimensions: Urbandale Arts Centre

LengthWidthAvailable Height
Stage (from front to back curtain, from side curtains to side curtains)7.3m (24.1')9.5m (31.3')5.2m (17.1')
Stage (In front of curtain)1m (3.6’)11.7m (38.4’)
Stage Left Wing (From side curtains to wall)7.4m (24.3’)5.85m (19.2’)4.4m (14.5’)
Stage Right Wing (From side curtains to wall)7.4m (24.3’)2.59m (8.5’)4.4m (14.5’)
Loading Door2.4m (7.8’)3.5m (11.5’)
Workshop (Fluorescent lights hang 3.65m/12’ off the floor)6.06m (19.9’)12.6m (41.5’)8.5m (28’)
Wardrobe4.9m (16.2’)3.6m (11.8’)4.4m (14.5’)
Dressing Room 13.9m (12.7’)4.75m (15.6’)3.6m (12’)
Dressing Room 24.1m (13.5’)4.4m (14.3’)3.7m (12’)
Green Room4.1m (13.5’)5.9m (19.5’)3m (10’)

For information about the specific audio-visual equipment available in the theatre, visit the Facilities Rental page or please contact Event Coordinator Lisa Kmiel by email or phone at 613-258-9569 ext. 134.

Click here to view the theatre floor plan.

Rental Contact

For pricing or information on booking, contact

  • Fowler, Jessie

    Sports Facilities Booking & Advertising Clerk

    613-258-9569 ext 115

  • Kmiel, Lisa

    Events Coordinator

    613-258-9569 ext 134