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Festivals & Special Events

Special events are important to North Grenville! They contribute to an enhanced quality of life for our residents, visitors, and foster cooperative leadership within the community, business, local government and institutions. As a result, the Municipality has established a Festivals & Special Events Policy to assist the public in organizing community events through the consolidation of process, applications and approvals for events taking place on Municipal property and those events that impact Municipal services.

North Grenville’s Festivals & Special Events Advisory Team is comprised of Municipal employees and emergency personnel who have responsibilities for the management of festivals and special events to be held on or in Municipal facilities, as well as for the impact of private events on public services. The Team meets on an as-needed basis to discuss the planning of upcoming festivals and special events.

We at the Municipality of North Grenville are mindful to the amount of work that goes into planning a special event - big or small. The provision of all necessary details is essential to ensuring a smooth process. Therefore, we encourage organizers to provide us with as much information, as soon as possible.

Once the Municipality is in receipt of a completed application, it will be reviewed by North Grenville’s Festivals &Special Events Advisory Team (F.S.E.A.T). While every effort has been made to extract as much information about your special event through the application document, you may be contacted for further information to ensure that F.S.E.A.T. has all the information to properly evaluate the application for approval.

Should the F.S.E.A.T. not be satisfied with the information provided, the F.S.E.A.T. is required to deem the event hazardous to the Municipality and its citizens and it will not be permitted to proceed.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Event Co-ordinator Lisa Kmiel by email or by phone at (613) 258-9569 ext. 134.