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Sports Fields & Parks Rental

North Grenville boasts a number of sports fields and parks which are available for events such as sports tournaments, family reunions and community events.

Soccer Fields

Riverside Park - 2 soccer fields (mini field nets available)

South Gower Park - 5 soccer fields and a number of mini fields

Crozier Park - 1 soccer field

Soccer FieldsRates
Youth Game$12/hour
Youth Tournament$179/day
Adult Game$46/game
Adult Tournament$262/day

Ball Diamonds

Riverside Park - 2 softball and one fastball diamond (one lit diamond)

South Gower Park - 2 softball and one fastball diamond (one lit diamond)

Crozier Park - 1 ball diamond

Ball DiamondsRates
Youth Game$9/hour
Youth Tournament$179/day
Adult Game$37/game
Adult Tournament$267/day

Washrooms and Other Support Facilities

South Gower Park has a pavillion and canteen facilities available for rent during events as well as public washroom facilities. Riverside Park and Crozier Park each have portable washroom facilities available during summer months.