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The North Grenville Trail system was launched to link together 150 kilometres of existing trails, urban streets, rural roads and waterways in a manner that enhances the recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.

trailsIn addition to walking and hiking trails, the municipality has numerous safe and well-maintained roads, providing kilometres of adventure for horseback, bicycle and automobile. For auto and boat travelers, North Grenville is a partner on the Rideau Heritage Route.

Get to Know North Grenville Trails

There are many existing trails that make up the North Grenville Trail system. These include:

Within Kemptville, explore the trails of the Ferguson Forest Centre, where over 2 million tree seedlings a year are grown for customers all over Ontario. Follow the trail and streets through the downtown Kemptville.

Visit the villages and surrounding communities of Bishop’s Mills, Burritts Rapids, Heckston, Oxford Mills, and Oxford Station. Each section of the township has its own character and something to offer. From Kemptville, travel west along the Rideau Canal on the River Road to Burritts Rapids and explore the trail by the 1830’s locks. In the southernmost part of the township near Bishop’s Mills is Limerick Forest – a county-owned forest with trails running throughout.

Follow County Road 18 to travel downstream along the South Branch of the Rideau (also known as the Kemptville Creek) past the stone dam at Oxford Mills, back to Kemptville. Or take County Road 20 east through Oxford Station to Heckston – a part of the municipality that lies within the South Nation watershed. Continuing north will take you up County Road 22 to the northernmost part of the municipality, where it meets its northern neighbour – the City of Ottawa.

The goal of the North Grenville Trail system is to challenge visitors and residents alike to get out and explore our community. You don’t have to travel the whole 150 kilometres at once: select portions and do it in stages over time.

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