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The Municipality of North Grenville Parks, Recreation & Culture Department maintains kilometres of recreational trails that complement our growing system of parks and open space. These trails enhance recreational opportunities for our residents & visitors and allow them to enjoy a cost-effective way of keeping physically active while enjoying the great outdoors.

The Municipality of North Grenville has worked to provide each North Grenville resident a trail within a 15 minute drive from their residence.

In addition to walking and hiking trails, the municipality has numerous safe and well-maintained roads, providing kilometres of adventure for horseback & cycling and over 90 km of water trails for canoe and kayak lovers.

For auto and boat travelers, North Grenville is a partner on the Rideau Heritage Route.

Get to Know North Grenville Trails

The goal of the North Grenville trail system is to challenge visitors and residents alike to get out and explore our community and the great outdoors. These recreational trails are available for day outings, year round.

There are many existing recreational trails that make up the North Grenville trail system. These include Ferguson Forest Centre Trails, Limerick Forest, and Burritts Rapids Tip-to-Tip Trail (Rideau Canal Lockstation).

The North Grenville Integrated Community Trails Strategy developed in 2011 proposes improvements and expansions for North Grenville’s recreational trail system.