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Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons Resume July 2018!

Swim Lessons for Preschoolers to Adults!

Swimming lessons are completed in sessions at the Kemptville Pool throughout July and August.  Swim sessions 1 through 4 are two week sessions and are 30 minutes to 1 hour in duration depending on the level. Children attend a lesson every morning, Monday through Friday for the two week period. The lessons are scheduled sometime between 8:30am and approximately 12:30pm. There are several instructors teaching lessons at any given time. Session 5 is Saturdays only. Again, lessons are 30 minutes to 1 hour long dependant on level and scheduled sometime between 8:30am and 12:30pm.

Lifesaving Swim Program Descriptions

Parent and Tot

Ages: 4 - 36 months

This exciting program structures in-water interaction between parent and child to stress the importance of play in developing water-positive attitudes and skills. Activities are planned based on the child’s maturity.

Preschool A/B

Ages: 3 to 5 years

Through songs and games, these children will learn to get in and out of the water with assistance. Wearing PFDs they will try floats, glides on front and back, side rolls as well as learning the importance of water smart messages. They'll learn to blow bubbles and get their face wet; some children may feel comfortable to fully submerge themselves. With a bouyant aid, kids will work on moving through the water kicking on their front and back.

Preschool C/D/E

Ages: 3 to 5 years

Wearing a PFD, these youngsters will try jumping into chest-deep water and should progress to jumping into the deeper water wearing a PFD and getting out by themselves. They’ll work on moving efficiently through the water on their front and back, and while wearing a PFD. They’ll learn to support themselves at the surface, recover objects from the bottom and open their eyes underwater, as well as attempting side rolls wearing PFD's. They’ll master short (3-5m) swims on their front and back and will work towards swimming front and back crawl and attempt whip kick in vertical position. Children will also learn the importance of water smart messages.


Swimmer Level 1

Age: minimum 6 years

These beginners will become comfortable jumping into water, opening their eyes and exhaling underwater. Floating, gliding, side roll entries, kicking and an introduction to sculling will give them the foundation needed to be comfortable in the water, and develop swimming strokes in future levels. Children will also learn the importance of water smart messages. Enroll at six years old as an introduction.

Swimmer Level 2

Participants will jump into deep water, learn to support themselves with an aid, and learn the foundation of effective whip kick. They will build confidence in both deep and shallow water, and develop breast stroke, front and back crawl over short distances. Completion of Swimmer 1 is strongly recommended. Children will continue to learn the importance of water smart messages.

Swimmer Level 3

These swimmers will dive, jump and roll into the water and develop water-smart attitudes. They will improve their front and back crawl, tread water, add propulsion to their whip kick, swim underwater and continue to build endurance with swims of up to 50 metres.


Swimmer Level 4

Swimmers will refine entry and surface dives. They will learn the eggbeater kick, sculling and breaststroke while continuing to improve their front and back crawl and work towards a 100-metre endurance swim. Children will continue to learn the importance of water smart messages

Swimmer Level 5

These swimmers will master shallow dives, eggbeater and foot-first sculling. Surface dives will take them down to underwater swims while sprints and interval training will improve both the efficiency and endurance of their breaststroke, front and back crawls. Children will continue to learn the importance of water smart messages

Swimmer Level 6

These swimmers will perfect their swimming strokes while building up to a 300- metre endurance swim. They will perfect a variety of movement and underwater skills while continuing to build fitness and efficiency through sprints and interval swim training. Children will continue to learn the importance of water smart messages


Rookie Patrol
(Swimmer Level 7)

These swimmers will begin the exciting journey into advanced swimming and basic lifesaving. They will complete a 350-metre workout and learn the water-safety skills that can save lives. Perfect for kids looking for more than just swimming lessons.

Ranger Patrol
(Swimmer Level 8)

These junior lifesavers will continue to build water strength and fitness while practicing the ins and outs of lifesaving kicks, approaches, entries, underwater searches, object support and first aid skills. Swimmers will complete a 200 metre swim in six minutes or better.

Star Patrol
(Swimmer Level 9)

These junior lifesavers will work towards a challenging 600-metre workout and complete a 300-metre swim in nine minutes or better. They will continue to perfect exciting lifesaving skills like underwater searches, safe victim removals, whistle communication, towing rescues and resuscitation.

Registration for these levels INCLUDES Public Swim Pass for the session the registration is in.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available for children, youth and adults. Earn a badge, overcome a fear of water, or master a skill. A certified instructor will work on a one on-one basis. 

A session of private lessons includes five 30 minute classes. It is acceptable to include a sibling in private lessons, but each participant must pay the private lesson rates.

Sessions: Private lessons are offered weekly from June 19 to September 1, 2017. 

Private Lesson fee: Resident: $90 per session (Five 30 minute lessons) / Non-resident: $100 per session (Five 30 minute lessons)

Swim Lesson Schedule

2017 Group Lesson Sessions

Lesson DaysStart DateEnd Date
Session 1Mon - FriJuly 3July 14
Session 2Mon - FriJuly 17July 28
Session 3Mon - Fri1July 31Aug 11
Session 4Mon - FriAugust 14August 25
Session 5SatJune 17August 26
1No classes on July 1st, August 7th and August 12th, 2017


2017 Group Lesson Pricing

Register Early & Save! Register at least one week before the session start date and save $5 per child per session (does not apply to Private Lessons, Swim Team, Swim Passes or Aqua Zumba).
Type of ClassResidentNon-resident
Preschool - Parent Assisted (4 months - 36 months)
Parent and Tot$70.00$80.00
Preschool - Chid Only (3 - 5 yrs)
Preschool (A/B)$70.00$80.00
Preschool (C/D/E)$70.00$80.00
Children (6 - 12 yrs)
Swimmer Level 1$70.00$80.00
Swimmer Level 2$70.00$80.00
Swimmer Level 3$75.00$85.00
Swimmer Level 4$75.00$85.00
Swimmer Level 5$75.00$85.00
Swimmer Level 6$75.00$85.00
Rookie Patrol (Swimmer Level 7)$85.00$95.00
Ranger Patrol (Swimmer Level 8)$85.00$95.00
Star Patrol (Swimmer Level 9)$85.00$95.00
Private Lessons$90.00$100.00