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Interim Report Presented at the September 17, 2019 Council Meeting

At the September 17, 2019 Coouncil Meeting, the Task Force on Affordable Housing identified and put forward 17 recommendations in its Interim Report and will present its final report to the Committee of the Whole in February 2020. The Task Force was created to examine the current state of affordable rental housing and home ownership, identify gaps and opportunities and identify actions the Municipality can take to increase options and access to affordable housing.

Click here to download the Presentation by the Task Force 

Click here to download the 17 Recommendations 

Resolution passed by Council:

Council referred the Task Force’s Interim Report to staff for a report on: 
1. Initiating a single-purpose Official Plan and Zoning By-Law Amendment to implement and seek compliance with Bill 108 regarding secondary dwellings,
2. All the Report’s recommendations, providing comment, possible actions and timelines by December. 


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