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How to obtain a building permit

When a building permit is required, an application must be filed with the Building Division using the following forms. Once submitted with all the necessary documentation, a permit will be issued after the application has been checked to insure compliance with the Ontario Building Code, the Township's zoning By-law and any other applicable regulations. The Chief Building Official is responsible for the issuance of all building permits.


  1. Complete and sign the Application for Building Permit form. In some cases (such as for wood stoves, swimming pools, heat pumps, etc.) specialized application forms will been provided.
  2. The completed application form must be accompanied by the following documents:
    1. a deed indicating the name of the registered owner of the property for which the permit is to be issued.
    2. a site plan showing the location of all existing and proposed buildings or additions on the lot in relation to the property boundaries.
    3. drawings of the proposed building, additions or alteration showing sufficient structural detail to determine compliance with the Building Code.
    4. attach a copy of the Septic System Permit or the Water & Sewer Connection Permit (whichever is applicable). These permits are required for all new construction and for some additions and renovations.

      For more information contact:

      Septic System Permit

      Leeds, Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit
      Part VIII Program
      458 Laurier Blvd. Brockville, ON   K6V 7A3
      Tel: (613) 345-5685
      Fax: (613) 345-2879

      Water/Sewer Connection Permit

      Municipality of North Grenville
      285 County Road 44
      Kemptville, ON   K0G 1J0
      Tel: (613) 258-4424
      Fax: (613) 258-1441

    5. for Rural properties, complete and sign a copy of the Certification of Licensing form for the well drilling contractor.
    6. for Rural properties, complete and sign the Well Construction Agreement form.
  3. Obtain an Entrance Permit from the relevant road authority:

    Municipal Roads

    Roads Department
    Municipality of North Grenville
    285 County Road 44 P.O. Box 130
    Kemptville, ON   K0G 1J0
    Tel: (613) 258-7612
    Fax: (613) 258-1441

    County Roads

    County Roads Department
    United Counties of Leeds & Grenville
    P.O. Box 729
    Brockville, ON   K6V 5V8
    Tel: (613) 342-2710
    Fax: (613) 342-2101

  4. A Capital Development Fee is charged by the Municipality for all new buildings. Proof of the payment of this fee must be provided before a building permit can be issued.
  5. All builders who construct new homes for the purpose of re-sale must provide proof of registration with the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan.
  6. A performance bond of 2% of the value of work is required on most projects with a value of over $5,000. This deposit is refundable when the Occupancy Permit is issued. A certified cheque, letter of credit or cash is required.
  7. The Building Permit Fee must be paid before the permit can be issued.
  8. Other land use approval permits may be required from such agencies as the local Conservation Authority, the Provincial Ministry of Transportation, etc., depending on the nature of the project and the specific location of the site.

See Code of Conduct for Building Officials here.

Planning Contacts

  • Gerrard, Philip

    Director of Planning & Development

    613-258-9569 ext 129

  • Mosher, Phil

    Planner II

    613-258-9569 ext 118

  • Jackson, Jordan

    Planner I

    613-258-9569 ext 125