Springtime on the Huckleberry Trail in Limerick Forest North

Nearest Village: Oxford Mills
Best GPS address to get you here:
195 Craig Road (44.926177, -75.767312)
Trail Map:
Intensity level: Moderate - mostly flat forest trails. Suitable for: strollers, walking, running, biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, birding.


Trekking through nature has never been more popular. This post pandemic era has increased our dependance on nature to reduce anxiety and stimulate joy.

With over 50 km of recreational trails, it’s easy to find your Zen while you experience some forest bathing all across North Grenville.

Many area trails are very well known and popular, but if you look a little harder, you can still find a few hidden gems; trails that only the locals know about.

One of these treasures is part of the Limerick Forest collection of trails - Huckleberry Trail, in the North Tract.Huckleberry Trail, in the North Tract.


Where is the North Tract?

The Limerick Forest consists of four large consolidated, and numerous smaller, unconsolidated tracts of forested land located across the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville. The North Tract is located on the westward edge of North Grenville, 15 minutes outside of Kemptville between Merrickville and the small hamlet of Oxford Mills.

Now that you know the secret, here are a few things you can do on this trail either on your own, or with your bubble.

Walk the dog:

Leashed dogs are welcomed on the trail. There's so much to sniff and explore. Just be sure to please clean up after your pet. 

Bring your camera:
Whether you are a long-time photog or just enjoy snapping pics with your phone, you won’t find a shortage of interesting subjects and vistas to capture here.


Have a Picnic on Orchid Point

Sit down for a bite on Orchid Point:

Take the short detour off the main trail to walk up to Orchid Point. This lookout is the perfect spot for picnic lunch with several benches and a dining table under the canopy of a grove of mature trees.

orchid point montage

Where to grab a bite to bring

Where to pick up food:

In Kemptville, you can grab your takeout picnic lunch at Brewed Awakenings. Or pop into Old Town Kemptville and try the soup and salad combo at Salamander’s.

Bring it out to the trail and find a table or bench, or find a great spot to spread a blanket under the trees.

(We thank you to gather and remove all garbage when you leave.)


Enjoy the scenery from The Boardwalk:


Check out the Boardwalk:

You don’t want to miss the boardwalk. The panoramic view is one of the best in the area. Spot the beaver lodge from the platform and look for the turtles and waterfowl.

[To find the entrance, consult the trail map and look for a trail branching off marked by three large boulders.]

Watch for wildlife:

For hikers interested in wildlife, you will find many birds, reptiles, mammals and amphibians. You might even be lucky enough to spot horses and riders out enjoying the trail.

Simply enjoy the quiet:

Spend some time on one of the forest benches that pop up now and then along the paths. Read a book or bring your sketch book. Take your Yoga session a little deeper by practicing in the serenity of the forest. Or just sit quietly listening to the frogs and the bird calls with a friend or alone with your thoughts.


Take a Healthy Break

Invite the kids to leave the screens behind for a while and do some exploring. You can even incorporate learning while observing animal habitats, interesting bugs, wetlands and more. Spending time in nature is especially good for the growing mind!


Spot some spring wildflowers:

You will love watching the forest wake up from its winter slumber. As the days get longer and warmer, the forest flowers appear. Look for Trilliums, Dutchman’s Britches, Bloodroot and Trout Lilies just to name a few of these early season blossoms currently in bloom. The landscape is ever changing.

Wild Flowers

A Romantic Reconnect:

Date Night options have been scarce this past year but the North Tract Trail offers a charming backdrop for a night out with your special someone. We recommend a romantic forest dinner for two. The famous Brigadoon Restaurant is just a few minutes away from the trail. With its reputation as an upscale restaurant hidden away on a quiet country road in Oxford Mills, the Brigadoon provides the unique opportunity to order fine dining for take-out.

Brigadoon Restaurant

9 Bridge Street, Oxford Mills, ON K0G 1S0 (613) 258-4433


Watch the Sun Go Down

Watch the sunset over the wetlands and do some star gazing beyond the trees.


The North Tract Trail of Limerick Forest takes you away from your busy day and gives you an opportunity to relax and restore yourself in nature.

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As always, please be a considerate trail enthusiast. Leave only footprints and take only your memories from the forest.

Happy hiking!