Saunders Country Critters

Saunders Country Critter Zoo and Sanctuary

Get up close and personal with over 75 species from over 25 different countries around the world! We guarantee you’ll meet animals you’ve never seen before! 

Saunders Country Critter Zoo and Sanctuary is a small zoo with a very big heart. Throughout the years the team at Saunders have worked tirelessly and developed into a much needed sanctuary for both domestic and exotic animals that otherwise would have no place to go.

Furry, feathered or even some with a leather skin or shell - everything from A for agouti to Z for zebu and all the in between like capybara, kangaroo, & kinkajou. 

Check out the Saunders Country Critters website for hours and ticket information.

For your garden

In the springtime, Saunders Country Critters runs a Saunders Country Garden Centre , This operation helps to fund the sanctuary. Consider visiting them to pick up your plants and garden supplies!