Looking for swag to give away at Kemptville Live

Do you have promo items/swag to give out?

Explore North Grenvile is bringing a tent this year to Kemptville Live! One of our exciting activities for visitors at our tourism booth is a spinning trivia wheel. We are offering small prizes for those who get the questions correct (questions revolve around tourism activities available in NG). Visitors will be handed a Visitor Guide and encouraged to use it to look for the answer - and thus reading about all there is to do in NG!

If you would like to offer coupons, or small swag, stickers or something bigger to give away as a prize, please let us know asap. Would love to spread the word about your business while handing them a takeaway. No pressure but the option is there. Explore North Grenvile will be giving away some green NG pens.

Please contact Heather Currie, Tourism Coordinator.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.