Image of the visitor guide laid on top of a photo of a dock along the river

The Compass You Need for a Trip Down to Kemptville (North Grenville)

Heading to North Grenville? Make the most of your visit with the help of our feature-packed annual visitor guide!

Get the inside scoop about where all the sought-after restaurants are, learn where you can Pause, Breathe, and Unwind with the immersive greenspace, and get excited about the major events being held here in Kemptville. Unearth the fascinating history of the quaint hamlets of North Grenville and the Rideau River and visit historic landmarks that stand as testaments to their enduring legacy. A perfect combination of rural and urban, there’s never a dull moment in North Grenville.

Let this guide inspire you to adventure down the tranquil waters of Kemptville Creek or rock your heart out at Kemptville Live Music Festival. This one visitor guide conveniently packs everything you need to know to experience North Grenville at its fullest; there’s something for everyone!

Download our full-colour booklet on our website or grab a copy in town! Every adventure needs a compass.

Want more information?

For more information, visitor inquiries, and more, please contact the North Grenville tourism department.