Safety Around Farm Vehicles


Watch for this sign, and


It is quite common for farm vehicles to share the roads in North Grenville. Passing farm vehicles can be very dangerous, and local farmers are reminding drivers to have patience around farm vehicles.

Farm equipment is often travelling with very heavy and very wide loads, and it can make seeing behind or around it difficult.

Farm equipment is often prone to rolling or tipping should it have to correct or veer suddenly.

Tips for Driving near and around Farm Vehicles:

  • Slow down and share the road.
  • Watch for a red and orange triangle sign. This means the vehicle cannot drive faster than 40km/hr.
  • Pass safely. Make sure you have ample space to pass and make sure the driver can see you before you pass.
  • Do not speed past farm machinery. Even when you may pass safely and legally, a fast-moving vehicle may cause the machinery to sway and become unstable.
  • Watch for hand signals. Just because a tractor veers right does not mean the operator is pulling over for you to pass. The sheer size of farm equipment often dictates the necessity of wide turns–hence the veer right. If a tractor operator is signaling you to wait, trust them. He/She has a much higher vantage point than you.
  • Do not expect the vehicle to pull over on the shoulder. Driving with one set of wheels on the pavement and one set on loose-surfaced shoulders substantially increases the risk of overturn.

The North Grenville Road Safety Committee formed in November 2019 and was facilitated by the North Grenville Police Services Board, and is comprised of:

North Grenville
Leeds Grenville & Lanark Health Unit
United Counties Leeds Grenville

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