We have a commercial now! - Explore North Grenville

We have an commercial now! Get out of town and come visit quaint Kemptville and the hamlets of North Grenville.

Enjoy an endless list of fun activities and exciting events, including:

  • Kayaking
  • Spectacular food
  • Music
  • Local vendors
  • Animals and nature

And so much more!

Do you recognize all the locations featured in the video?


Downtown Kemptville (0:01)

Visit the vibrant downtown, lined with historical buildings and friendly local businesses. Take a picturesque stroll along the main street, and visit small town gems like Susie M's Hidden Treasures, SuGold Jewellery and Giftware, and more!


Kemptville Creek (0:03)

Did you know that Kemptville Creek is a paddle haven for all paddlers? It's true!

Undisturbed by large boats traveling the waterway, the tranquil creek is the paddlers’ dream destination to experience picturesque nature and the quaint countryside. With gentle currents and plenty of spots to stop for a picnic or a refreshing dip in the water, Kemptville Creek is perfect for kayakers of all skill levels.

Check out our blog about the creek for all the tips on getting out on the water.


Kemptville Farmers' Market (0:06)

Over 45 vendors gather each Sunday between May and October, noon to 4 p.m. Local vegetables, fruit, meat, herbs, flowers, snacks, baked goods, beverages, honey and maple products, preserves, ethnic cuisine, arts & crafts…the list is endless!

The best part? Every single vendor there grow (raise), bake (cook) or make the products they vend, so your purchases are supporting local, guaranteed! Feel free to chat with your vendor, and get to know the human being behind the products made with love and passion. 


Pride Crosswalk (0:10)

Small towns have pride, too! Pride in our identity, pride in our community, and pride in who we are. Downtown Kemptville became home to North Grenville first ever pride crosswalk in 2021.

Want to support LGBTQ+ friendly businesses? Look for the rainbow window sticker, such as at Bubba and Bugs, as well as the Crusty Baker!

For pride events in North Grenville, check out NG Pride.


Riverside Park (0:11)

Where can you swim, swing a racquet, toss a cold stone, skateboard, and race your bike? Riverside Park Located right by the downtown area, this large park has so much to offer. Grab a bite from nearby Martin's Munchies or Chip Chop Fresh Cut Fries (featured in out blog here), and enjoy a picnic at the park.


Saunders Country Critters Zoo Sanctuary (0:14)

Meet kangaroos, kapebaras, and kinkajous... Saunders prides itself on a wide variety of beautiful and interesting mammals. Each animal has its own name, and you can tell a lot of love and care goes into this sanctuary. If you are looking for a cute place that has a big heart for the animals in their care...this is the place for you.

Check out their story here, or see the full list of animals they care for here.


Buskerfest (0:17)

Stand in awe as buskers perform seemingly impossible and risky feats - riding on four metre tall unicycles, juggling knives while balancing on a cylinder, and more! Buskers put on a street show every May in Downtown Kemptville, attracting curious spectators from all over the region. Did the busker impress you? Show them your appreciation by tipping them however much you want! Your generosity allows others who can't offer any money the opportunity to see something spectacular. In small towns, we have each others' backs. 

Check out some exciting photos from the years prior here.


Twilux Lantern Parade (0:22)

On the evening of this magical festival, community revelers come to Crozier Park with their handmade paper lanterns, arriving to the sounds of a band of merry musicians and colourful light performers! See the night bright up with warm, unique glows of creative lanterns. Let this light festival provide a glowing beacon to guide us through the darkening days ahead.

Check out our blog post about the festival here.


50+ kms of trails (0:26)

Did you know that the municipality of North Grenville is second in the world when it comes to outdoor recreation space per capita? (First place is the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavík - WCCD)

Take a stroll down our many trails, where each season offers a different scenic experience. Take your furry friend to the Ferguson Forest Centre, explore the Rail Trail (we did a blog post on this trail here), and be a part of Canada's Most Active Community


Salamanders Restaurant (0:27)

Looking for lunch? Head into Salamanders for a patio lunch right on the bank of Kemptville Creek! Specializing in Cajun-Acadian fusion, this unique destination boasts a restaurant side with a quiet, elegant ambience, a pub side for those looking for a lighter atmosphere, and a gorgeous outdoor patio for those who would like to enjoy our picturesque river setting.

Salamanders' patio is located on the banks of Kemptville Creek, where you'll enjoy the 
soothing sounds of the birds and the water that perfectly complement the drinks and dishes of your choice.

Don’t forget to check out the giant Adirondack chair located next door at Rotary Park, next to the iconic clock tower (check out the Adirondack chair tour here).


Green Gables Winery (0:28)

Take a stroll with a wineglass in hand. This part of Canada is better known for its harsh winters than grape growing. However, the Green Gables Winery vineyard is planted with species that have been carefully selected to thrive in our special microclimate here in North Grenville. Learn about the history of these unique vines while wine tasting, and maybe even bring home a bottle or two with you!


Kemptville Street Piano Concert Series (0:30)

Hop on and play! Street pianos draw pedestrians, turning any location into a concert venue / cultural hub. Everyone is welcome and anyone can participate. On concert days (every Saturday at 2pm, May - end of August), join along special Jam Sessions with Bradley Smith, sing along with the Kemptville Folk Club, and more! Learn more about street pianos at

For event days and information, visit


Kemptville Live Music Festival (0:33)

Don’t let the small-town name fool you; this annual music extravaganza brings out the big stage, brilliant light show, and towering speakers. A celebration of live music and good times, Kemptville Live attracts music lovers from all walks of life, travelling in from across Canada, the United States and even as far away as Europe and Oceania.

Satisfy your belly with the on-site food trucks, and keep the fun going by camping right next to the venue. On slower days, it's only a short distance to the downtown area where you'll be charmed by the small town feel.

Check out the blog post on Kemptville Live here.


Get Outta Town! (0:39)

What are you still doing here reading this blog post? Get outta your town and come to Kemptville and the hamlets of North Grenville! 

Make the most of your visit with the help of our feature-packed annual visitor guide!

Get the inside scoop about where all the sought-after restaurants are, learn where you can Pause, Breathe, and Unwind with the immersive greenspace, and get excited about the major events being held here in Kemptville. Unearth the fascinating history of the quaint hamlets of North Grenville and the Rideau River and visit historic landmarks that stand as testaments to their enduring legacy. A perfect combination of rural and urban, there’s never a dull moment in North Grenville.

Psst (last one, I promise), we also have a blog post on the visitor guide, here.