Council Pushes for More Clarity on Proposed Provincial Correctional Facility

Since the announcement last August that a correctional facility would be coming to North Grenville in 2027, Council and Municipal staff have been continuously engaging with the Ministry of the Solicitor General, Minister Sylvia Jones and Minister Steve Clark.

Council has been adamant from the beginning that we need to:

  1. ensure the Ontario government provides as much information as possible as quickly as possible about plans for the upcoming facility and the required infrastructure;
  2. ensure the correctional facility brings benefits overall to the community, including long term access to surplus farm-side lands, and enhanced social services that are available to all residents of North Grenville; and
  3. ensure that community concerns are properly addressed.

To date, the Ministry’s team has been responsive. There have been more than eight meetings with key local stakeholders, such as the hospital, school boards, and the community through public engagement sessions in the last year.

Mayor Peckford, with the support of Council, has also had several discussions with Minister Sylvia Jones and Minister Steve Clark about the imperative to share as much information as possible.

At the same time, there is no doubt that there are several issues related to the development of the correctional facility that require more detailed responses from the province.

This is why Mayor Peckford wrote a letter to the provincial Solicitor General & Minister Sylvia Jones on November 11 asking for key information confirming the Ministry’s plans regarding the following:

  1. the specific amount of funds that will be invested in municipal infrastructure i.e., water and sewer services;
  2. upgrades to affected roads; and
  3. transfer of surplus farm-side lands to the municipality.

Council is also seeking a formal arrangement whereby policing costs associated with the facility are covered by the province as of 2027.

In the meantime, on November 17, Solicitor General staff will be hosting a virtual community engagement session to provide an update and to hear your questions and feedback.

Council encourages you to participate if you can. We want your voice to be heard and we want the province to know what is important to you. We will be attending as Mayor and Council and listening. If you haven’t already, we hope you will register online to attend.

Thank you,
Mayor Peckford
On behalf of North Grenville Municipal Council

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