Statement by Mayor Nancy Peckford on National Indigenous History Month

As we enter National Indigenous History Month, we dedicate this time to celebrate and honour the profound histories, cultures, and contributions of Indigenous peoples throughout Canada. This observance is a vital reminder to reflect on our history, recognize our current realities, and collaboratively pursue a future that genuinely respects and preserves the rights and traditions of Indigenous communities.

"National Indigenous History Month is a pivotal moment for us to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the Indigenous peoples who have fundamentally shaped our nation," stated Mayor Nancy Peckford. "Their enduring resilience, profound wisdom, and remarkable strength are integral to our national identity. We are wholeheartedly committed to nurturing a community that is inclusive, respectful, and supportive of our Indigenous neighbors."

The Indigenous Advisory Circle emphasized, "This month is not merely about recognizing our history; it's about actively celebrating our vibrant cultures and ongoing contributions. We encourage everyone to embrace Indigenous teachings, partake in cultural events, and support Indigenous-led initiatives."

Furthermore, the Indigenous Advisory Circle and the Friends of the Ferguson Forest Centre cordially invite the community to join them on Saturday, June 22—the Summer Solstice—from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm at the Ferguson Forest Centre Arboretum for a luncheon and fundraiser in celebration of National Indigenous Peoples Day. The event will feature Indian tacos, a berry dessert, and strawberry juice. This gathering is a unique chance for the community to contribute to the establishment of an Indigenous Forest space within the Ferguson Forest Centre, envisioned by local artist Finian Paibomesai as a space that honours Algonquin territory, culture, traditions, and history—a welcoming place for celebrating Anishinaabe culture and hosting cultural events. Tickets are available at:

"Let's gather to learn, reflect, and recognize the significance of this day and month for the Anishinabek and all Indigenous peoples," Mayor Peckford added. "Let this month serve as a catalyst for increased awareness, education, and action. By acknowledging our shared past and working together, we can forge a community that cherishes diversity and maintains the dignity and rights of all its members."

Nancy Peckford
Mayor, Municipality of North Grenville
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Find more background and resources on National Indigenous History Month here.

Learn more about the work the Municipality of North Grenville is doing. Visit our Truth and Reconciliation page and the Indigenous Advisory Circle.

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