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Property Standards By-Law (33-00)
A By-Law prescribing standards for maintenance and occupancy of property within the municipality. View  
Refreshment Vehicles Amendment (35-22)
A By-Law to amend By-Law 104-15, Schedule B, for Licensing, Regulating, and Governing of Refreshment Vehicles within the Municipality of North Grenville.  View  
Roadway Service Standards (34-16)
A By-Law to Establish Roadway Minimum Service Standards for the Municipal Road System within the Jurisdiction of the Corporation of the Municipality of North Grenville. View  
Sewer Use (65-20)
A By-Law to Prohibit, Regulate and Control Discharges into the Public Sewer Systems. View  
Signs By-Law (47-16)
A By-Law to regulate and prohibit signs and other advertising devices within the Municipality of North Grenville. View  
Signs By-Law Amendment (77-22)
By-Law to Amend By-Law 47-16, for Regulating and Prohibiting Signs and Other Advertising Devices Within the Municipality of North Grenville. View  
Smoking By-Law (57-15)
A By-Law to prohibit the smoking of tobacco in buildings and vehicles owned or leased by the Municipality of North Grenville, within nine metres of the entrance or exit of those buildings and within 20 metres of a playground, sporting field or sporting spectator area.  View  
User Fees & Charges By-Law (69-18)
A By-Law to Adopt Schedules of Departmental Fees and Charges for the Municipality of North Grenville. View  
User Fees & Charges By-Law Amendment (98-21)
A By-Law to amend By-Law 102-15, to include certain fees and charges related to the entry of telecommunication companies in Municipal rights-of-way. View  
Water Use and Rate By Law (64-20)
A By-Law to regulate the installation, repair, maintenance, access & use of the Municipality's water supply system, water meters, sewer services & related appurtenances; the billing & collection of charges for water & sewer usage; and the penalties for offences. View  
Yards By-Law (46-07)
A By-Law to require the owners of private property to maintain their lands in a safe and clean manner.  View  

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